[clamav-users] Installing question

J.R. themadbeaker at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 09:36:47 EDT 2019

> I am new here and I don't know how to use drush or command line. Can I
> still install clamav? Is there an installation guide for absolute beginners
> like me?

What OS? Windows there is an exe that has a GUI. Linux distro's
typically have their own packages which you would install through your
OS's package manager.

There's lots of guides out there, just have to google...

> I have a virus on my server and I have no idea where to begin to get rid of
> it. I have four sites, all are personal sites and all are drupal.

If drupal got exploited, you are going to have bigger issues and
probably more than what ClamAV will find.

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