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MOHAMED OMAR MAKRAM adamupaccounting at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 13:32:22 EDT 2019

I've had this for few months. The only thing i was able to do is to pay for
virus protection but it is so expensive.
Is there a way to find those hidden files? Do you think they are in the
db or in the files?
I am moving out to another server right now. Is there a good process to do
this without copying the virus along with the files?

Thanks for your help

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> > I do not know if the virus is on the server, in the files, or in the db.
> > Here is what I know:
> > Under each folder of each site, files appear with a name such as:
> > f68z319m.php
> > When visitors go to my websites, they get a message that the site is
> > unsecured
> >
> > Does this information help identify the issue, or where to look for the
> > virus?
> Did you look at the contents of those files? Sounds like someone is
> exploiting code to upload files which could then be used to do all
> sorts of nasty things. That could be an issue with drupal or packages
> on your system being out of date. Often that is just the first step
> and once they upload one file they use it to upload a lot more in
> hidden directories and modifying files and such...
> I hope you have a recent backup...
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