[clamav-users] Installing question

G.W. Haywood clamav at jubileegroup.co.uk
Thu Mar 28 13:03:26 EDT 2019


On Thu, 28 Mar 2019,  MOHAMED OMAR MAKRAM wrote:

> I've had this for few months. The only thing i was able to do is to
> pay for virus protection but it is so expensive.  Is there a way to
> find those hidden files? Do you think they are in the db or in the
> files?  I am moving out to another server right now. Is there a good
> process to do this without copying the virus along with the files?

Firstly, you have already been told that this is not the right mailing
list for your questions.  Many such lists and similar resources exist.
Search for them.

Secondly, even if you were to install ClamAV, with your current level
of skill you would not be able to use it to solve your problems.  In
my view, ClamAV is not now and never will be capable of solving them
because that is not why it was developed.  As far as I can tell its
main attraction for you is that it is free, and that people on this
mailing list support it for free.  It would be far better for you to
find out what your problem is before you try to implement a solution.
If you must pay for it, then you need to do a cost-benefit analysis.

Thirdly, if you are making Websites available on the public Internet
and those Websites are not properly secured, and indeed have already
been compromised, then you represent a danger, not only to the people
who visit those sites, but also to *any* Internet-connected equipment.
That is both irresponsible and reprehensible.  The fact that you have
ignored advice that your questions are inappropriate for this mailing
list probably tells us how much you have thought about that, or care.

My advice is to stop what you are doing until either you can find
someone competent to do it safely for you, or you become sufficiently
competent to do it safely yourself.

There is no quick HOWTO for the impatient.  Please do not willfully
add to the problems that the rest of us have to face daily.



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