[clamav-users] Which .conf entry controls freshclam frequency?

Brian Fluet bf4peg at zoho.com
Tue Oct 15 12:00:23 EDT 2019

Previously posted by me...

> FWIW, I'm using the portable version of ClamAV in conjunction with a
> Mercury mail server.  Mercury has a built-in daemon that uses clamd to
> scan every incoming message.  I am now wondering if there is a daemon
> configuration that is controlling the freshclam frequency.  I will look
> into that.

I have found a configuration setting in the daemon that sets a 
frequency for invoking freshclam so I now know that it is being 
controlled by the daemon. 

I'm still hoping for an explanation of what these .conf settings do, 
specifically whether associated with updating databases or more along 
the lines of integrity checks.

"Perform a database check" in clamd.conf

"Number of database checks per day" in freshclam.conf

Brian Fluet

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