[clamav-users] Can't get clamd to run: v0.102.0

Micah Snyder (micasnyd) micasnyd at cisco.com
Wed Oct 16 10:09:09 EDT 2019

Hi Brian,

Try running clamd.exe from cmd.exe so you can see what the error message is.  It could be that clamd.conf.sample still needs to be renamed to clamd.conf.  It's harder to tell on Windows, because they like to hide file extensions.  


On 10/16/19, 8:51 AM, "clamav-users on behalf of Brian Fluet via clamav-users" <clamav-users-bounces at lists.clamav.net on behalf of clamav-users at lists.clamav.net> wrote:

    Hi All,
    My attempts to test v0.102.0 have failed, specifically being unable 
    to get clamd to run.  This is on a Win7 machine using the x86 
    Double clicking clamd.exe results in a flash of a command window but 
    that's it.  No log file is created.  I first thought that I had 
    forgotten to rem-out the .conf "Example" line but I hadn't.  I have 
    checked the paths in the .conf (log,temp,database) and that another 
    instance of clamd was not running.  How else do I troubleshoot?
    FWIW, v0.101.4 is working fine.
    Brian Fluet
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