[clamav-users] Continuous increase of startup time (is daily.cld broken?)

Vladislav Kurz vladislav.kurz at webstep.net
Thu Oct 17 09:59:58 EDT 2019

On 17/10/2019 15:40, Markus Kolb via clamav-users wrote:
> Am 07.10.2019 08:57, schrieb Sergey:
>> On Friday 13 September 2019, Markus Kolb via clamav-users wrote:
>>> I've opened an enhacement bug for this:
>>> https://bugzilla.clamav.net/show_bug.cgi?id=12389
>> Thanks. But I have one more question. Do I understand correctly
>> that when loading main.cvd base rules are created quickly and
>> the problem is in their subsequent update from daily.* files?
>> Maybe it's time to update main.cvd and reduce daily.* while
>> bug 12389 is being processed?
> It doesn't matter if the rules are in daily- or main-file.
> The rules currently in daily are more complex and so slower.

Hello everybody,

just an idea, are all databases reloaded when the reload request comes?
Would it be possible to reload only those that have changed since last
reload? Then it would be beneficial to have large main.* and smaller
daily.* files, and forking and loading in background would not be needed.

So the question is - what would be easier to code?
- reloading in background thread
- reloading limited to new files

Best Regards
        Vladislav Kurz

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