[clamav-users] Continuous increase of startup time (is daily.cld broken?)

J.R. themadbeaker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 09:58:04 EDT 2019


If you are going to put everything on hold while your AV database
reloads, be sure you have appropriate timeout settings for your milter
or whatever else is handling things so the email program doesn't
timeout waiting for a response from it.

While the *default* timeouts for email chatter are rather high, many
administrators do lower those values (in Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, etc)
to prevent lingering connections for one reason or another (since most
email servers don't close the connection automatically until the
client side sends a quit (which many spammers don't), it then falls
back to the timeout setting to close)....

This page shows both the default and *minimum* (recommended?) values
for sendmail, note how some timeouts drop from 1h to 5m...


But also you don't know what the client-side connection settings are
that are sending you mail...

If you *must* receive the email then and there, then using the patch
as talked about before would eliminate any wait times during reloads.
Otherwise you might as well just make sure your timeout values are
high enough and have everything sit & wait while the DB reloads. Worst
case it times out on the client-side and if it's a legit email server
it would treat it as a tempfail and retry later.

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