[clamav-users] ClamAV 0.102.0 freshclam errors.

Reio Remma reio at mrstuudio.ee
Thu Oct 31 05:21:04 EDT 2019

On 31/10/2019 01:08, Reio Remma via clamav-users wrote:
> Hello!
> I started testing 0.102.0 today, but I'm running into problems with 
> freshclam.
> Compiled from source on CentOS 8:
> $ sudo /usr/local/bin/freshclam
> ClamAV update process started at Thu Oct 31 01:04:40 2019
> ERROR: Failed to change back to original directory /my/current/dir
> double free or corruption (top)
> Aborted 

Well, I solved it!

If I cd to /var/lib/clamav where the databases are, it doesn't need to 
chdir back to wherever the working dir was when the script was started.

The bit of code that is failing:


     if (currDir[0] != '\0') {
         /* Restore CWD */
         if (chdir(currDir)) {
             logg("!Failed to change back to original directory %s\n", 
             status = FC_EDIRECTORY;
             goto done;
         logg("*Current working dir restored to %s\n", currDir);

I suspect it's simply a permissions issue.

Good luck,

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