[clamav-users] Multiple Clam Daemons on a single system

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Mar 5 06:26:20 EST 2020

On 05.03.20 15:38, Ashish Poddar via clamav-users wrote:
>We have a situation where we run a clamav daemon to scan files on a system.


>However, in the process, we only use about 10% CPU in the system. We would
>naturally like to increase this number. We were thus trying to come up with
>a way to scan multiple files in parallel on the same system. Is there a way
>we can spawn multiple clam daemons to do this?

afaik single clamav daemon is able to scan multiple files in parallel.

>I am aware of the multiscan mode in clamdscan but I want each scan to be a
>separate process so as to not increase the overall scan time of any one

I don't understand. Why do you think that scanning in multiple threads
increases scan time?

> Is there a way to do this? Or are there any other alternatives to
>tackle this situation?

>This is my first time posting to this mailing list. I apologize if I made
>any violations while using the mailing list. Thanks for you cooperation.

I don't see any violations here, although I prefer single plaintext
(you used multipart text+html) :)

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