[clamav-users] PrivateMirror set on client machine. Disable cld downloads

Scott A. Wozny sawozny at hotmail.com
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One caveat with that suggestion is that if you move off of freshclam to do your signature retrieval with wget, you give up the efficiencies of just downloading the first 512 bytes of each DB file to see if it's been updated and, if not, going back to sleep until the next check.  Using wget you go from a few KB of bandwidth per server per check to hundreds of MB for each update on each server.  If you don't care about bandwidth and disk I/O, then this difference won't matter to you, but if it does, just be aware of the difference.

Alternatively, you could emulate what freshclam does and curl the first 512 bytes, do the comparative version checking and then sleeping or doing the full download.  But once you get to that point, you're practically rewriting freshclam and then the option of reaching out to the devel list to modify freshclam to fit your needs for a custom build starts to become a comparable amount of work.


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Hi there,

On Mon, 23 Mar 2020, vin9999 via clamav-users wrote:

> ... how can we disable .cld downloads? ...

Use something else to download the files?

Presumably you use freshclam to keep the private mirror up to date,
but there is nothing which forces you to use freshclam to copy files
from the private mirror to its clients.  A utility like 'wget' could
do what you need.




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