[clamav-users] freshclam errors

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Sat Mar 28 08:46:06 EDT 2020

* Dieter Raith via clamav-users:

> I will migrade to a more powerfull Cloud server with 8 GB ram and also
> provide some cache. I sent a question to my provider (Hetzner), if the
> can do it easily.

Since you wrote you currently have 2 GB RAM, I am guessing that you are
using a Hetzner CX11 cloud server? In that case, you can simply use the
"Rescale" option (see https://console.hetzner.cloud/projects) to upgrade
to a CX21 (4 GB) or CX31 (8 GB). This only takes a few minutes, and the
existing installation remains intact.


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