[clamav-users] Scanning emails

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Sun Mar 29 13:10:33 EDT 2020

>> clamav-milter can plug clamav to sendmail or postfix and clamd can
>> scan attachments directly, amavis is not really needed.

On 29.03.20 17:13, Ralph Seichter via clamav-users wrote:
>Setting up Amavis with an MTA is no more complicated that setting up

I disagree, setting up clamav-milter is much easier than settingup amavis.

>However, as you know, Amavis allows adding additional
>virus scanner or filters like SpamAssassin to the mix very easily.

I wanted to note that before, and I should, probably.
Yes,amavis has much more features, but for virus scanning clamav-milter is

>None of my customers was ever satisfied with a virus scanner alone, once
>they began to take email protection seriously. That is why I personally
>recommend Amavis in good conscience. Also, I am a member of the Amavis
>developer team. ;-)

I use clamav-milter and spamass-milter on my machine. So, I have both spam
and virus scanning. Didn't have big need to replace them by amavis here.

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