I’m trying to setup a private mirror at our site. I plan to download the signatures on a server using freshclam and then provide the signatures with an apache web server for the clients.
On the server I set “CompressLocalDatabase yes” in /etc/freshclam.conf to reduce the filesize of the signatures provided by our private mirror to reduce the network load. When I run freshclam I get the following files:
bytecode.cvd  daily.cvd  main.cvd
but after a couple of days the daily.cvd file is replaced by daily.cld. Why does this happen?
When I copy the signature files to the www folder, I end up with a daily.cld and a daily.cvd file after a couple of days, one of them is outdated. Freshclam on the clients seem to prefer to download the daily.cld file, even if there is a newer daily.cvd file on the web server. I can of course always check the folder and delete the older version, but this seems like treating symptoms instead of fixing the root cause.
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