It helps the signature team locate those submitted files faster if you post their hash values here.


On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 01:53 AM, Albrecht, Peter wrote:

Since Saturday (2018-07-28) we are seeing many reports from clamscan having
found (possibly) infected files. I suspect these are false positives because checking
the files on returns only clamav reporting them as infected.

The reported files are mostly jar files used by our applications (e.g. httpclient-*.jar,
httpcore-*.jar in different versions). These are the signatures which produce most
of the reports:


Currently, we have whitelisted the above signatures. I suspect that it is an error
in the database because that's the only thing that has changed since Friday. We
are using clamav 0.99.4 and 0.100.0 on Linux with a daily update of the virus

I have uploaded the file which generated the most reports yesterday to
and requested doublechecking if that would be a false positive.

Does anybody else see such a behaviour? Any ideas of what might be the reason?
Any suggestions what to do? Whitelisting all reported signatures would not be our
preferred solution ...

Thanks a lot,

Peter Albrecht
Senior Linux Administrator 

Wirecard Service Technologies GmbH
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